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Door To Door

Ergo Nakliyat Door to Door Transportation

There are many of those advertisements in the newspapers' yellow pages and in streets, on trucks which read "let's move!".Via those who have utilized these means and the complaints of these people on the internet ,as a result of a comprehensive research, we have come to the conclusion that hundreds and even thousands of people have been wronged by these means of transportation.Just as a few examples; materials which are used that have nothing to do with hygiene or sanitary conditions, being false in redeeming their promise,first offering a lower price and subsequent to delivery requesting more and so on.We know well the situations people have faced up to now while working with such kind of "transporter-calleds".But we do not want you, our dear friends to experince the same.

Subsequent to the application you will make either via phone or e-mail ,we arrange a suitable day and time for you.On a sutitable day our expert staff visits you to examine the stuff-goods and the requirements of it-them.


To be able to keep our promises to work flawlessly we especially underline the principles below ;

1) Specifying the metrecubic volume of the stuff that will be packed or transported

Specifying the size of the vehicle by which the stuff will be carried

3) Whether there is furniture requiring montage or demontage; piano ,antique, or a stuff that has extra importance for you;fragile or extra sensitive stuff.We , according to the results of these, specify what kind of a team of staff you need and what material to be used in packaging to carry out the process flawlessly, whether you need special package materials or not.For instance, an antique needs transporting in a parcel full of styrofoam or a special invaluable Italian mirror needs transporting in wood chest after wrapped in buble wrap.

4) Specifying the materials to be used in package, commenting if special packaging
materials or methods are needed for sensitive or highly-sensitive stuff.

5) In what points we should inform our expert staff and how many staff we need in total to carry out your , our intimate friend's, process on the day we promised , in the hour we promised flawlessly.

6) Whether there is a problem with parking place,distance between the house etc. and the vehicle, target address and pre-research about it.

Under the light of all these data and with suitable cost plan we employ , we intend to bid the most reasonable price.We draw up a transportation contract and supply you, our dear friend, with a copy of it.Vehicle insurance cost is on us.


We,as a company, emphasize our customer's content in all the transportation jobs by taking flawnessnes, punctuality and speed of lodging as principles of our company.With our professional staff and with the quality of our package material inEuropean standarts, we emphatize ourselves with you,our dear friends, and we try to understand needs of you best ;by keeping up with the on-going quality standarts all over the world we want to prove that we work with aim of customer satisfaction.